Weird, Ignorant New Buy Caffeine Mink

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cafe chon da latIs there enough raw material for untamed coffee to make goods? Raising mink for caffeine or "fermentation technology" also creates coffee mink as the enterprise (DN) launched? We bring these questions to discuss with experts, researchers and enterprises to find solutions.

Natural mink caffeine is too few to become commodities

According to Nguyen Vinh, a coffee panda consultant for many years, the existing situation of businesses racing to develop products "coffee mink", what type of culture, fermentation technology and other ways... But Only natural mink coffee is referred to as mink coffee. Of the many millions of tons of coffee beans on the globe every year, only about 700 kg of wild coffee mink and the finished product is merely about 200 kg. In Vietnam, there are still regions of coffee plantations nearby to the national character reserves will still have wild mink to consume fresh coffee but few, can not afford to become commodities.

Therefore, he has a major company "explosion" is the most rare and the world's most high-priced mink coffee sold at dollar 3, 000 / kilogram in the sky, so be careful. This business features the collection of recycleables from the farmers gathered in the coffee areas near to the forest, but to tell the truth, now picking up 1 kilogram of cauliflower coffee comes out of the untamed like the bottom of the tank. Farmers only pick up a mullet, they go to sell just a little, they know that this company is purchasing the mink farmers who produce mink coffee for profit. This enterprise itself cannot be verified, it is difficult to confirm, "- explained Mr. Gulf of mexico.

The world earns only 200-300 kg of mink wean every year, not a batch of man-made weasels. In picture: A mink raising... "super division" in Dak Lak.
Nguyen Xuan Thai, general overseer of Thang Loi Espresso Company (Dak Lak), the major coffee concentrate developer in the country with over 2, 000 hectares, also said that it is difficult to find wild ferrets Let's not pick up coffee mink. Protection, farm personnel of enterprises have long to see a fox. Therefore there is no fairy tale coffee collected naturally enough to help make the goods. It is also common for farmers to buy "mink coffee" from mink farms for caffeine to sell to businesses that buy "wild mink" coffee.

Enzim mink: Merchandise of ignorance

Talking about information the company has created the ferret chemical and then use the bio-fermentation technology to inseminate coffee beans to generate mink coffee, many scientists research coffee that may be because of their absence of knowledge Or for profit.

Assoc. Prof. Doctor Phan Quoc Sang, ex - director of the Central Highlands Agro-Forestry Science and Technology Institute, the leading expert on Vietnamese espresso, said: "Currently, Digestion of ferrets permeates through the husks of rice husks, permeating the coffee coffee beans, which get a new quality and taste. Specifically, they assert to reduce bitterness, increase sweetness... But actually the husk of espresso beans is very strong, it is the membrane protect the caffeine beans intact before the external ca phe chon effects.

According to Mr. Salis, not only canary bean is enjoyed as a supplemental food, but also bean plants sprouting up also eat coffees but coffee beans it cannot produce drinks. The reason is that these ferrets break rice husks, cracked coffee beans should be released when the caffeine is impregnated with pollutants, enzyme digestion in the mink stomach directly impact the coffee beans break. Also among the weasel is still the mink beans they are not released into the drink. In case the teeth are too brilliant in order to the hemp husk, the grain is considered thrown away, skipped drinking coffee with these seeds, only the drinking water is "Cao" chute!

Mister. Nguyen Xuan Thai confirmed: "In fact, the digestive function of ferrets does not affect any change espresso beans. The mink has the natural ability to select the ripe coffee coffee beans in the plant, swallowed in the abdomen, the digestion of mink just like a process of "wet processing" clean the shell, rice and espresso beans still " Secure "thanks to husksheds draped. This is evidently explained because there are companies making mink coffee by extracting mink enzymes into coffee beans is not accurate "

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